miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

Otro writing

Al fin y al cabo son cosas que he escrito, ¿no?
Éste fue del examen que hice el lunes, en el que entraba, al igual que en los otros, solamente el presente simple y continuo. Además, salvo que me dé la vena creativa, suelo ser bastante conservador en la escritura. Está aún sin corregir, y espero que esté bien. El tema era, como el e-mail, la descripción de una persona. Tenía que ser un familiar y opté por hacerlo de mi hermano, el mini-yo. Nos pedían 100 palabras y, como he dicho, opté por poco más.

Pongo una foto en la que una "amiga" comenta que se nota que ya tengo los 30 (aunque ella tenga más, claro).

I'm talking about my youngest brother. His name is Jose. He is 23 years old and he lives in Cordoba.
I can say that he lives with my parents, but he is always out. He often stays at home for dinner and to sleep.
He is a secretary (no recordaba cómo se dice contable) and he's studying too.
He is the most extrovert in the family. He is always talking and laughing. He likes going out to parties, clubs and restaurants. He loves drinking and dancing with his friends. He is usually having parties and meeting people.
He wasn't very sporty, but now he is going to the gym twice a week. He doesn't smoke, but he doesn't eat a lot of healthy food.

Dos cositas de inglés

Este año mi curso de segundo está siendo totalmente extraño. Hemos tenido poco más de un mes de clase y con 4 profesoras distintas. Además, como se empieza repasando, hemos dado poco más del presente simple y el continuo.
Aquí adjunto dos cosillas que he hecho para clase. Una es la descripción de un cuadro y la otra es un email. En ambos se ve mi maravilloso dominio del presente continuo.

This picture is called Baño en Asnieres by Georges Seurat and I have a mother’s copy in my living room. I love this picture because I relax when I’m looking at it.
It’s a picture about a hill and a river where people are sitting or swimming.
In the middle you can see a man who is sitting. He is only wearing shorts and a hat and is staring the water. It seems he is so relaxed.
On the left there are three men, but they are alone. The nearest man is lying on the grass, next to him there is a dog. He is wearing a white jacket, black trousers and a hat. The two men are sitting, one is wearing a grey underwear t-shirt, a hat and trousers. The other is so far that you only can see he is wearing white clothes.
On the right, there are two young men into the river. The nearest boy is standing and the water is near his waist. It seems he is only wearing shorts and a hat and he is cool, because he is blowing his hands. The other boy is standing too.
In the background you can see a city and some boats on the river.

From: Antonio Torres (anthonytowers@gmail.com)
To: ****
Subject: Hi

Hi, Brian.
I’m Antonio, from Seville, Spain. I was really born in Cordoba, but I live in Seville since 1996. I’m a civil servant and I work in a call center. I like my job, because I report about unemployment benefit. I’m always studying laws.
I live in a flat that I’ve bought six months ago. I live alone but I like living with a partner too.

I like books and films. I’m always reading a book and looking for information about films on Internet. I’m learning English because I like music and travelling, and I’d like to understand what I’m listening to and who I’m speaking.
At weekend, I usually go out with my friends. I like speaking with them and dancing. I think I’m extrovert and talkative. And I take care of them, too.
I’m doing exercises at home, because I’m short of money now.

Waiting for your answer.